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Deck Correct

Get your deck ready for Spring! Meek’s has TWP, Cabot Deck Correct and introducing Cabot Gold, all on sale at the season’s lowest prices. 1 gallon of TWP for $29.99, 1 gallon of Deck Correct for $34.98, and introducing Cabot Gold- the ultimate finish, providing a beautiful sheen and strong protection from UV rays, on sale for $45.98 a gallon.

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Houzz Slider

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  • Medium Duty 5/8" x 50' Garden Hose

    Sku# 10675 $8.00 more info
  • Luminite LED Color Changing Citronella Candle

    Sku# 10685 $4.99 more info
  • DeWalt 18v-to-20v Battery Adapter

    Sku# 10686 $39.00 more info
  • Marble Chips 1/2 cubic foot

    Sku# 12MC $12.00 more info
  • Pea Pebbles 1/2 cubic foot

    Sku# 12PEA $10.00 more info
  • Lava Rock 1/2 cubic foot

    Sku# 12RLR $9.00 more info
  • River Pebbles 1/2 cubic foot

    Sku# 12RP $10.00 more info
  • Santa Fe Narrowline Pickets

    Sku# 146T $0.99 more info
  • 6' x 8' Pre-Assembled Treated Fence Panel

    Sku# 146T8P $36.95 more info
  • 5/8" x 6" x 6' Dog-Ear Placer Grade Cedar Fence Pickets

    Sku# 166CP $2.29 more info