Valspar Paint Sale

Valspar $10 Rebate

Refresh your home with a new coat of Paint! $10 Mail-in Rebate on Pristine and Medallion gallon containers, $40 per five-gallon container. Get up to $80 back on your favorite Valspar Paint! Prices starting at $24.99 per gallon-size container after rebate. Sale April 15 - 29, 2018!

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Pristine is one of Valspar’s top performing paint products on the market today. Pristine is designed to repel dirt with new Clean Science™ Technology while also keeping the smooth finish over the years. Pristine has also been created to cover any surface with a single-coat of paint. However, Valspar did not stop there. They offer a lifetime warranty to this product to ensure your projects long-term success.

- Clean Science Technology resists dirt and repels stains
- Optimized flow and leveling
- Lasting smoothness and scrub ability
- 100% acrylic latex
- Low odor, zero VOC
- Lifetime warranty

Available at Select Meek's Locations

Pristine by Valspar


Medallion is one of Valspar’s highest rated paint products on the market today. Medallion is designed to resist stains while also keeping a smooth finish. Medallion has a low odor upon application and dries quickly. Medallion is offered in both interior and exterior.

- Ultra-durable smooth finish
- True, long lasting color
- Low odor, zero VOC
- Cleans easily and withstands wear
- Resists stains, mold and mildew
- 100% acrylic resin

- Maximum protection against sun, wind and water
- Forms thick, flexible seal that won’t peel or crack
- Resists fading
- Mold and mildew resistant finish
- 100% acrylic

Medallion by Valspar