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Meek’s has all the products you need to complete your fencing project. Start with high quality ground-contact treated lumber and Quikrete concrete mix to ensure that your fence stays exactly where it is built. When it comes to pickets, Meek’s has multiple sizes, styles and species of lumber to choose from to ensure you get the look you want. We even carry “Thick Cut” pickets to maximize the lifespan of your fence. Save time and have all your fencing materials delivered directly to your job site. Contact your local Meek’s for delivery terms and availability.


Since 1940, The QUIKRETE® Companies have produced more than 200 professional-grade and consumer products. The QUIKRETE® Companies offers concrete and mortar mixes; cements; concrete repair products; stucco, waterproofing, tile setting and blacktop products; floor underlayments; sand and aggregates; and other seasonal items.

quikrete hardscapes

Decorative landscape stone adds beauty and protects your yard by keeping down weed growth and controlling erosion. The beauty of natural stone is great for enhancing your landscape around trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, ponds and foundations.

These 0.5 CF bags are available in 4 rock varieties including: Red Lava Rock, River Pebbles, Pea Pebbles, and Marble Chips!

Five star grass seed

Five-Star is a tall fescue blend and it represents an All Star team of the best performing varieties of tall fescue. The Five-Star blend is exceptionally diverse and well adapted to changing climates. The hot and dry conditions of late summer are tough on turf; add shade, poor soil, and traffic to the equation and most grasses don't stand a chance. The blend found in Five-Star make for a dark green, deep rooted, and drought tolerant lawn. Tests also show that varieties offered as components of Five-Star are high in disease resistance to the brown patch fungus that occurs in hot, humid areas.

No matter what the use or application, Five-Star , like an All Star team, represents the best of the best. The five varieties in Five-Star can be depended on to provide the best possible tall fescue turf wherever the area and whatever the conditions. It's quality and genetic diversity are second to none. Five-Star will do the job where other lesser varieties and blends fail. Five-Star is a proven and trusted turf type fescue for some of the most beautiful and highly maintained golf courses in the region.

Spring Yard Options

Meek's offers many different yard accessories to help get your yard where you want it this spring. We offer two different railroad ties and a big line-up of different fencing options. We have a 6-ft by 8-ft pre-built fence panel or many different single fencing panels. Don't wait, call or visit your local Meek's location to get the full line-up.