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CamJam Tie-Down Strap

CamJam Tie-Down Strap features an elegant design and tough, high quality materials for confidently securing loads. Built for functionality, ease of use, and ultra-security for heavy loads. Features a high density weave polypropylene 1 In. wide strap that is securely attached, with four bar tack stitches for high strength, to a sturdy, cast zinc alloy cam mechanism. The non-slip buckle on the cam mechanism latches securely and provides the ability to gradually release, even under high tension, thus eliminating sudden and dangerous unloading. Can be used in many versatile configurations, including a loop configuration and a lockout configuration. Webbing strap features an angled end for easy threading and intuitive operation in any configuration.

Valid at all California and Nevada Meek's locations.

$15.00 Expires Aug. 26, 2018