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Rapid Set® OnePass®: Wall Repair Material and Joint Compound

When your wall repair or general construction project requires a fast-setting, durable product, choose Rapid Set® OnePass® Wall Repair and Joint Compound. Use OnePass for general construction and repair of wallboard, cement board, magnesium oxide board, plaster, smooth stucco, masonry, some wood repair applications and many other surfaces. OnePass is an all-purpose, fast-setting, weather-resistant and mold-resistant construction material that works well in wet areas.  It is formulated with premium-grade hydraulic cement, high-performance polymers and quality, finely ground aggregate.

Apply OnePass on many types of interior and exterior surfaces, from featheredge to 1-inch deep in a single, full-depth application. Paint in 90 minutes and complete your job the same day.  One 25-pound bag covers approximately 45-square feet at 1/32-inch deep.

Valid at all California and Nevada Meek's locations.

$11.00 Expires Aug. 26, 2018