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Stucco Patch

Rapid Set® Stucco Patch:  Stucco Repair Material

For stucco repair projects requiring a durable, fast-setting patching material, Rapid Set® Stucco Patch is your solution. Stucco Patch is formulated with premium-grade hydraulic cement, high-performance water-soluble polymers and high-quality aggregates. Stucco Patch provides a simple, user-friendly application that you can easily texture to match a variety of stucco surfaces. Due to its advanced non-shrink formulation, you can use Stucco Patch for full-depth repairs in a single application. Mix Stucco Patch with water to produce a rich, easy-to-apply mixture with excellent bonding characteristics. Paint on Stucco Patch as soon as it is dry to provide a 1-hour stucco repair solution. One 50-pound bag covers approximately 8.0 square feet at ¾-inch deep.

Valid at all California and Nevada Meek's locations.

$11.00 Expires Aug. 26, 2018