About Meek's


With more than 100 years of experience in the building materials industry, Meek's has earned the reputation of being a provider of expert service as well as quality building and home improvement merchandise. Currently, there are 22 building centers and 2 design centers in the Midwest Division with a general office located in Springfield, Missouri. There are 10 building centers in the West Coast Division with a general office located in Sacramento, California. Growth of this size is the result of continual response to the marketplace and the needs of the consumer.

In 1919, Charles Meek, Sr. opened the first Meek Lumber Yard in Lockwood, Missouri. Until the early 1950s he followed a sound growth pattern, expanding the company's territory throughout Southern Missouri. In 1951, Charles C. Meek, Jr. ventured to Northern California and opened the first Meek yard on the West Coast. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s the organization continued to prosper in both geographical areas. By the beginning of 1980, Meek's had 10 yards in the Midwest Division and 6 yards in the West Coast Division. It was during this time that Meek's had the foresight to see the changes that were taking place in the building industry and in the retail marketplace. An aggressive expansion program was started in the Midwest by upgrading and enlarging all stores and replacing five with entirely new facilities.

Meek's entered another new frontier in 1981 with their expansion into Northwest Arkansas. Growth continued during the 1980s and 1990s with the addition of several new locations in Missouri, Arkansas, and California. Today, the company still remains family-owned under its fourth generation of leadership. An aggressive growth plan has increased the company’s count to more than 27 retail locations. Meek’s is constantly adding new stores and a variety of services, products, and facilities to accommodate professional builders and do-it-yourself consumers alike.

The "Meek's Team" of aggressive, bold professionals, supported by active owner management, has positioned Meek's as one of the leaders in the industry, ranking in the top 30 nationally! Response to the demands of an ever-changing marketplace, new and innovative building centers and personal service to their customers has allowed Meek's to become the market leader in professional building products and services. Meanwhile, the basic philosophy of the company, "service to our customers, opportunity to our employees" has never changed since the first yard opened so many years ago.