Design Center

About the Design Center

Meek's Design Centers provide you with a huge variety of products from Engineered Wood to custom kitchen cabinets. Having thousands of products at your fingertips is a good thing when it comes to making decisions about your home. Meek’s Design Centers ensure you can quickly find the information you are looking for.

Our Design Centers are a new type of Meek’s location, staffed with specialists who can help you design, build, or remodel your home. At a Design Center you can see Meek’s products in a setting where the features are apparent. You can see the color, touch and feel a finish, all before making a decision.

We have displays showing our latest windows, doors, door hardware, cabinetry, even closet and garage shelving. Need something specific? Bring it in and our specialists can help find the product, or something comparable.

Our Design Centers offer great services. Need a takeoff on a home or building? We have a set of estimators. Want to build a green or energy efficient home? We have Home Energy Raters and Green Building Verifiers. Need to know how to size a beam, or want a truss package? We even have engineered lumber experts.

Our Design Centers also offer private meeting rooms available for customers to meet with our specialists or for builders to meet with clients to discuss project details. If you have a big meeting coming up and don’t have a place to host everyone, let us know and we’ll set aside a place that’s appropriate.

All of these great products, services, and more are found at our two Design Center locations in Springfield, Missouri and Springdale, Arkansas. That’s what you can expect from Meek’s “The Builder’s Choice”.