Blown-in Machine


Some of you probably know this, but a lot of you don't...Most Meek's locations have an Insulation Blowing Machine available for you to use!

Exceptional Performance: The FORCE/1 machine processes up to 970 pounds of cellulose or 350 pounds of fiberglass per hour and weighs 177 pounds. This system allows for ease of transportation to the job site in addition to timely installation of attic insulation - either cellulose or fiberglass - at 3/4 hour for R-19 in a 1000 square foot attic.

Ease of Use: Ease of transfer between retail location and jobsite is enabled by it's small size and built-in wheels. The systems control panel and wired remote provide for ease of operation from either the unit or the attic. The hopper holds approximately 1/2 bag of cellulose or 1/3 bag of fiberglass.

Kraft Faced Insulation Batts

Kraft Faced Insulation Batts

Ideal for moisture control in exterior walls, Johns Manville Kraft-faced thermal and acoustical insulation offers R-values ranging from R-11 to R-38. This Kraft-faced insulation is available in pre-cut batts to fit standard wall cavities, and rolls that can be cut to fit any size cavity in building.

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Unfaced Insulation Batts

Unfaced Insulation Batts

This unfaced building insulation is made with a Formaldehyde-free™ , bio-based binder for better indoor air quality. Providing R-Values from R-11 to R-38, our unfaced batt insulation is effective in heat control from the exterior while also effectively controlling unwanted noise in interior walls.

Climate Pro

Climate Pro

JM Climate Pro offers greater consistency of cover and low dust, resulting in more effiecient and comfortable installations. It offers R-values from R-11 to R-70, and to save time during installation, one bag of Climate Pro provides 73 square feet of R-30 coverage.

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JM Corbond Multi-Climate Solution

JM Corbond MCS

JM Corbond Multi-Climate Solution (MCS) SPF provides superior thermal, air, and moisture isolation at a maximum lift thinkness of 2 inches per pass. As one of the most advanced insulation solution available, it provides complete climate isolation between indoor and outside environments. It can be installed alone or combined with JM Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass insulation as part of a hybrid system.

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

A lower density, nonstructural SPF insulation, JM Open-cell Spray Foam delivers incredible yield at an excellent value while still providing important air isolation, R-value and acoustical performance.
Recommended for walls, floors, and both unvented and vented attics and ceilings, JM Open-cell Spray Foam expands 120 times its initial volume to seal all voids, gaps, and crevices to virtually eliminate any air leakage.


JM Spider Plus

JM Spider® Plus blow-in insulation, now featuring interlocking fiber technology, is the next evolution of the JM insulation family.

Interlocking fiber technology allows the fibers to spring and lock into cavities to fill all gaps and voids with no adhesive or netting. And with a simple installation that is typically faster than other spray systems and unprecedented drying times, Spider Plus saves professional installers time and money on every project.

With up to 30% better air resistance than competitive products, Spider Plus achieves R-15 in 2x4 and R-23 in 2x6 walls and a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 43 in a standard 2x4 wood-framed wall to achieve Grade 1 installation.

The Formaldehyde-free™ and naturally mold-resistant clean-fiber insulation produces minimal dust during installation and features a quicker job site cleanup compared to other spray-in systems.