Dimensional Lumber

Meek’s searches nationwide for the best price on quality lumber from the leading brand names in the industry. We warehouse lumber in a variety of grades and dimensions. We stock a wide range of dimensions, in lengths from 8 foot to 32 foot and carry species of lumber such as: spruce pine fir, southern yellow pine (bright stock and treated), green Doug fir, Hem fir, kiln dried Douglas fir, ES/LP, Hem fir select structure, cedar, and redwood. Whether your project is large or small, Meek’s has the lumber you need with the quality you deserve.

Engineered Lumber

Boise Cascasde

Engineered wood products are consistently sized products that are stronger than dimension lumber, so less material may be needed.

The SIMPLE FRAMING SYSTEM® uses highest-quality BCI® Joists or ALLJOIST® (AJS®) products, VERSA-LAM® laminated veneer lumber, VERSA-STUD® laminated veneer framing lumber and other engineered wood products with matched depths that work together using fewer pieces and longer lengths. The result is longer spans, time saved during cutting and fitting, less waste and lower overall cost since less product is needed.

Construction Panels

Advantech .

From granite countertops and floor coverings, to your footsteps and furniture – the subfloor you choose today is the base your home depends on for a lifetime. Because it’s engineered with a unique resin technology for advanced moisture resistance and more wood for superior strength and stiffness, AdvanTech® subfloors give your finished floors a smooth, flat surface with a luxurious, solid feel.

Unlike other subfloor alternatives, AdvanTech subfloors stand up against moisture to help protect your home from potential weather-related delays and rework during construction, while helping to ensure quiet, stiff floors with no creaking or nail pops over time.

Zip System

Air leakage can increase energy costs because it makes heating and cooling systems work harder to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With ZIP System® sheathing and tape, you can build in protection against air leakage and possible moisture damage within your walls. ZIP System® sheathing and tape is a revolutionary solution for exterior walls and roofs with a built-in moisture barrier and air-tight, taped seams, to keep air and moisture out and energy savings and comfort in.

Treated Lumber

Nature Wood

Meek’s caries the largest selection of pressure treated pine lumber in the area. Our products feature the Naturewood chemical system. The NatureWood systems are based on the well-established effectiveness of copper combined with a co-biocide, and are applied to wood by pressure treatment. NatureWood® treated wood products are available for above ground, ground contact and fresh water contact applications for projects such as decks, fences and landscaping. Much of the treated lumber we sell comes from sustainable planned forests in Arkansas and other neighboring states.

The result is a locally produced and treated product that is both beautiful and holds up against moisture, insects and decay. Whether you are building a fence, deck, dock or pergola; Nature Wood products will exceed your expectations.

You can learn more about the NatureWood product line here: