Moulding & Stair Parts



Meek’s has developed relationships with several of the area’s top moulding and trim suppliers. One example is a recent partnership with White River Hardwoods of Fayetteville, Arkansas. White River Hardwoods is a manufacturer of beautiful and unique trims and adornments. This partnership, along with others, allows Meek’s to be able to supply any project from the large elegant homes to the simplest remodel job.

Specialists and Service

Our specialists have several years of experience in the moulding industry. They can help you identify wood species, find a match for an existing pattern, or assist in creating a new look and style for your project.

Meek’s can provide assistance in obtaining curved trim and also help with measuring your project. Look no further than Meek's for all of your trim and moulding needs.


Another area that Meek’s can provide assistance is in stairways. Again, with several manufacturers from which to choose, we can show you different styles of handrail, iron or wooden balusters and fittings that can be incorporated into new construction or remodeling projects to give you that “custom” look.

BlueLinx Moulding Profiles