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NuAge Film

What are NuAge High Performance Plastic Films
NuAge Films are high performance plastic sheeting used in a wide range of construction, industrial and agricultural applications. These high performance multi-use films are simply an outlasting improvement to conventional economy grade plastic sheeting.
The Science Behind NuAge Films
Unlike other materials, NuAge Films are designed and manufactured utilizing prime grade virgin resin.  There is zero recycled content used thus increasing stability and longevity. The manufacturing technology and special resin blends produce a light, strong, durable film that outperforms all respective industry standards.  

Why NuAge Films Are Better
NuAge Films are stronger, at less weight per roll, when compared to standard plastic sheeting.  NuAge Films are configured to exceed standard plastic sheeting products of higher weight and thickness.  This technology allows one configuration of NuAge Film to outperform a range of the most commonly used films today.


ZIP System® roof sheathing and wall sheathing offer structural panels with built-in protective overlays that eliminate the need for housewrap or felt forever. Simply install the panels, tape the seams with the specially designed ZIP System™ tape and you’re done. ZIP System roof and wall sheathing are backed by a best-in-class warranty so that you and your homeowners can rest assured that Huber Engineered Woods stands behind the ZIP System® products used in your homes.


For more than 25 years, DuPont Weatherization products have played an important role in making homes energy efficient. They have been used on millions of homes in every climate and for every building façade to provide one of the best combinations of water, moisture and air infiltration protection of any secondary weather membrane. As a result, homeowners around the world are enjoying greater comfort and superior energy efficiency.