MPro Advantage


I already have a Meek's charge-account, do I need to sign up too?

No. As a current charge-account holder you already have these benefits. The only aspect of the MPro Advantage program you may be missing is the e-mail signup for benefits. To get these benefits go here.

Does it cost anything to be an MPro customer?

No. There is no charge to you for becoming an MPro customer. The program is design to help you get the materials you need at a reduced rate and grow your company. We will never charge you to do business with us.

I lost my card and want a new one.

Call (417)521-2829 or email to ask for a new card. It will be reprinted that day and promptly mailed to the address on-file or to an address specified when the request is made.

I have a business partner that could also use an MPro card.

Call (417)521-2829 or email to ask for a new card. It will be reprinted that day and promptly mailed to the address on-file or to an address specified when the request is made.

Can I opt out of receiving emails from Meek’s?

Each customer is automatically signed up to receive email from Meek’s when they join MPro. You may elect to remove yourself from the mailing list by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the email or you can send an email to asking to be removed. However, in doing this you may lose out on special events, coupons, or new features.

Can I only receive a certain type of promotion in my email?

If you wish not to receive a particular type of email (e.g. Wish not to receive the invitation to events) please email and describe which email you would like not to receive.

I do not want spam in my inbox, what does Meek’s do to protect my privacy?

Meek’s will only send you relevant information for your business. At Meek’s, any personal information you wish to disclose will remain absolutely private and confidential. We will only disclose your contact information to another individual when explicitly given permission to do so. Both Meek's and our email delivery provider are trusted market leaders that carefully follows the CAN-SPAM Act of 2008.

My card was stolen, am I at risk?

Because the account is a cash-account there is no financial risk to you. If the stolen card is used, the only issue will be determining which transaction is fraudulent on the activity report. We will give you a new account and card upon request.

Can I charge to the MPro account?

No. The MPro account is cash-account and not a charge-account. The order amount due is to be paid in full at the close of the transaction. If you want a full Meek’s charge account just ask your salesperson to help you set one up; you will still get the MPro benefits as a charge account holder.

My business has grown and I could use a charge-account now; can I get a charge-account?

Yes. Speak with your salesperson and he/she can assist you in setting up a full, Meek’s charge-account. With a full charge-account you still receive all the MPro benefits.

Can I have a monthly activity report printed and mailed?

You can have a monthly activity report printed and mailed. Speak to the bookkeeper so he/she may print you a report at the beginning of each month.

Can I put authorized purchasers on my MPro account?

Yes. Just contact your local Meek’s bookkeeper to have him/her setup your account with a list of names.

Can I set up jobs on my MPro account?

Yes. To make it easier to keep your paperwork organized we can subdivide your account into 'jobs'. Now, when you ask for an activity report you can just get purchases that were on a specific job instead of sorting purchases from memory.