MPro Advantage

What is the MPro Advantage?

It's a new way to do business!

Meek's is proud to present the MPro Advantage. A new program meant to help our valued customer with day-to-day tasks. It is more than membership card, more that a discount card, it is the new way to do business!

Who is it for?

If you're a professional, but don't want a traditional Meek's charge account, become a Meek's Pro to get guaranteed discounts on the products you already buy.

What are the benefits?

Buy Like a Pro

Becoming an MPro Advantage member allows you to get contractor pricing on items you use the most. If you buy like a pro... get pricing like a pro.

Exclusive Promotions

MPro Advantage members receive special promotions and discounts tailored to your profession delivered right to your inbox. Get the inside scoop on new items and money-saving coupons on some of our top selling items.

Dedicated Salesperson

As your company grows, so do your needs and Meek's has the solution. Becoming a MPro Advantage member allows you to take advantage of receiving personal attention from one of our dedicated salespeople. This salesperson will become familiar with your needs and meet your demands without the need of explaining your job repeatedly.

Call Ahead Service

Rushing to get to a broken pipe? See a dark cloud looming over your torn-off roof? Call your salesperson and have your supplies waiting for you when you arrive. Get in and out, fast.

Receipt-Free Returns

No longer are the days of losing a receipt out the truck window or receipts becoming mush in washers or mud puddles. When you use your MPro Advantage account, your receipts are safely saved on our servers for retrieval at a later time. Just bring in the return, give the salesperson your MPro card and complete the return without that pink receipt.

Delivery Discounts

Don't have a truck? We do! And lots of them! Become a MPro Advantage member and get a discount off the already low delivery fee.

Monthly Activity Report

Just finished a job and need to tally-up the bill? Did you find all your receipts? When you use your MPro Advantage account to purchase your materials, our bookkeepers can easily present you with an activity report that will help you watch your bottom line. Keep that file drawer clutter-free and let us handle some of the work.

What if I already have a Meek's account?

If you have a Meek's account, you already get most of the benefits of the MPro Advantage. To start receiving exclusive MPro promotions, updates on local events, and industry news sign up for our MPro newsletter here.