Environmentally Responsible Construction

Green Products


Perhaps the best way to build a green home is to insulate it effectively. Let the experienced professionals at Meek's Insulation and Drywall install the insulation in your next home. Meek's installs a complete line of Guardian Insulation products including fiberglass batts, Ultra-Fit blown fiberglass, and GuardFoam spray-in foam. Ultra-fit insulation has superior air sealing capabilities compared to blown cellulose and won't settle in wall cavities. For the very best air sealing and R-value, spray-in foam insulation is available to builders. Meek's has both open and closed cell foam available for varying applications and uses.

Engineered Wood

Meek's leads the market in green building with our Engineered Wood Products program. The use of Engineered Wood Products represents the optimal use of our forest resources for support, sheathing, and structural members in all sorts of construction applications. All of our Engineered Wood is produced by manufacturers using raw materials traced by a chain of custody or certified procurement program, and are efficiently produced to eliminate waste. Meek’s further optimizes the design-build process with accurate, build-able material lists and layouts reducing joist waste and unnecessary extra deliveries. Engineered Wood Products from Meek’s are the best available and demonstrate our commitment to green building standards.

Building Green with Wood

While most people choose wood for its affordability, strength, design flexibility and beauty, it’s becoming increasingly recognized for its environmental attributes. Wood is the world’s most abundant renewable resource. In fact, forest growth in the United States has continually exceeded harvest since the 1940s. Wood is recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable over the long term. Add energy efficiency and the fact that growing forest absorbs carbon dioxide while releasing clean oxygen. It's easy to see why wood is the ultimate “green” building material.

Doors and Windows

Meek’s is a distributor of exceptionally green and efficient windows and doors. Our door factory in Lockwood, Missouri can build NFRC labeled doors that can achieve the ENERGY STAR label. We are also a distributor for a wide variety of windows that incorporate the latest technologies available in the residential market. Many of these windows exceed requirements for ENERGY STAR, LEED, or NAHB’s Green Building Standard and can incorporate features such as triple panes, multiple layers of Low-E coatings, and recycled materials in both the glass and frame.

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