Environmentally Responsible Construction

Local Projects

Meek's is proud to be a local Green Certified Dealer for the Ozarks and is commited to protecting and preserving the beauty of the Ozarks and Missouri. To achieve this goal, Meeks encourages the growth of homes that meet the guidlines of energy efficency and promote low-waste, high efficency products. Below are homes in Missouri and the Ozarks that have met these goals and Meek's has been a partner in producing.

The Pensmore House

Meek's is pleased to be the chosen supplier for Pensmore, a large, ICF residential project capturing attention nationwide that doubles as a laboratory for sustainability. Chosen for our quality in service, we have found our relationship with Pensmore to be a natural one, as we both seek to positively impact the community. Pensmore utilizes our unparalleled Meek's Design Center, which allows the project's design team to make knowledgeable decisions using our resources and staff available at the center. Pensmore will serve as a model for best green building practices, as well as disaster resistance, and Meek's is pleased to participate in this innovative project.

Learn more at www.pensmore.com.