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Triple Action Lawn Fertilizer Plus 12lbs

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Feed your lawn on all 3 levels – grass, roots and soil - Improves turf nutrition at every level for up to 3 MONTHS - Grass – greens, thickens lawn - Roots – builds strong roots
- Soil – feeds and fortifies soil - Micro-Feed Action™ improves nutrient uptake during and between feedings - Apply to any type of grass during any season when grass is actively growing - 12 lb. Granules treat up to 5,000 sq. ft. - 50% slow-release formula

Proprietary Micro-Feed Action colonizes plant roots and unlocks essential Micro-nutrients already in the soil.

Micro-Feed Action helps: - Improve nutrient uptake during and between feedings - Improve and fortify roots - Increase resistance to heat and drought

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Expires 08/31/2020

Available at all participating stores in Missouri and Arkansas