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SPAX 1/4" x 4" PowerLags Washer Head Exterior Structure Screws (50ct.)

SKU # PL144W50

Discover the SPAX Advantage. This German engineered/American manufactured SPAX 5/16 x 4 in. Hex Washer Head HCR (Exterior) PowerLag screw offers a premium quality fastening solution to help ensure professional results in less time than inferior imported screws. Say Good Bye to your fathers traditional lag. SPAX PowerLags offer superior installation performance and durability over traditional lag screws and carriage bolts for structural wood construction. Made of carbon steel and coated for long term durability to ensure your project endures. Do it Once, Do it Right with SPAX.

  • Check out our threads, our patented thread technology allows the screw to be driven faster, is easier to install and reduces splitting in wood, let SPAX take some of the hassle out of your next project
  • Trend setting low profile built-on washer head design offers a contemporary and sleek finished installation; excellent draw down strength without the need for a separate washer delivers superior clamping ability and a easier installation
  • Heat treated grade 5 durability; subjecting the screw to heat treating gives greater strength and reduces breakage
  • High Corrosive Resistant (HCR) coating makes these screws ideal for use in treated lumber and exterior applications
  • No required pre-drilling in wood; be more efficient on the job by eliminating time consuming steps with self drilling SPAX
  • Efficient & Reliable!


    Expires 09/30/2020

    Available at all participating stores in Missouri and Arkansas