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3.0 All-Purpose Caulk (White)

Ideal for sealing windows, door frames, corner joints, siding, trim, butt joints, baseboards, molding, pipes, ducts, and vents. 100% waterproof, and is water resistant and paintable in 30 minutes. Extreme temperature use, can be applied in temperatures ranging from 20 F to 120 F. Shrink and crackproof and adheres to wood, metal, brick, glass, vinyl, aluminum, concrete, masonry, plaster, drywall, stucco, stone, and painted surfaces. Low odor and low VOC content. Gap span is 1/2 In. by 1/2 In., any deeper requires backer rod or filler. Available in white and crystal clear. Coverage: 49 LFT of a 3/16 In. bead.


Valid at all California and Nevada Meek's locations.

$6.99 Expires June 30, 2020